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Possessives 2 is the twenty-fifth skill in the language tree for Hebrew, with a total of three lessons. Its content is a special kind of possessive that is more common in formal speech and in writing.

Grammar Notes[]

This possessive comes out of the genitive case of Hebrew. These are simply attached to the noun, unlike the "של" form used in Possessives 1. This kind of possessive is summarized in this table:

English Hebrew (Singular) English Hebrew (Plural)
my cat חתולי my cats חתוליי
your cat (fem. owner) חתולךְ your cats (fem. owner) חתוליךְ
your cat (masc. owner) חתולךָ your cats (masc. owner) חתוליךָ
his cat חתולו his cats חתוליו
her cat חתולה her cats חתוליה
our cat חתולנו our cats חתולינו
your cat (masc. owners) חתולכם your cats (masc. owners) חתוליכם
your cat (fem. owners) חתולכן your cats (fem. owners) חתוליכן
their cat (masc. owners) חתולם their cats (masc. owners) חתוליהם
their cat (fem. owners) חתולן their cats (fem. owners) חתוליהן


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Possessives-2