Possessives 1is the eleventh skill (assuming read left to right) in the Hebrew language tree. It has a total of three lessons and teaches how to say something is "yours" in Hebrew.

Grammar NotesEdit

In order to to show that that is "your" cat or "his" turtle, you use the possessive adjectives in "Lessons" below. This possessive is placed after the object being possessed, and the gender of the adjective matches the possessor, not the object. Also, all objects possessed must have an ה before them (unless they are family members and/or addressed directly).


Lesson 1Edit

  • שלי = my
  • שלךָ = your (masc. sing.)
  • שלךְ = your (fem. sing.)
  • שלו = his
  • שלה = her

Lesson 2Edit

  • שלנו = our
  • שלכם = your (masc. pl.)
  • שלכן = your (fem. pl.)
  • שלהם = their (masc.)
  • שלהן = their (fem.)

Lesson 3Edit

  • של = of
  • שרה = Sarah
  • אברהם = Abraham
  • שייך = belongs (masc.,sing.)
  • שייכת = belongs (fem, sing)


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