Letters 1 is the first skill in the Hebrew language tree. It has six lessons and teaches twelve of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet, as well as beginner sentence structure and verb conjugation.

Alphabet Letters TaughtEdit

Hebrew has no written vowels generally. You can use nikkud to indicate this in your own notes if you like, but Duolingo does not accept them as a rule and, in any case, most Hebrew people don't use them either.

  • Aleph (א): silent letter or vowel placeholder
  • Bet (ב): "b" or "v"
  • Hey (ה): "h"
  • Vav (ו): "v" but can also indicate "o" or "u"
  • Chet (ח): "ch" [pronounced like the German "ich"]
  • Yod (י): "y"
  • Lamed (ל): "l"
  • Mem (מ or ם): "m"
  • Nun (נ or ן): "n"
  • Tav (ת): "t"

Grammar NotesEdit

Note: Hebrew is written right to left - in other words, the opposite direction of this sentence.


Hebrew has no word for "a/an" but it does have a particle (or part of a word) that means "the" using the letter "ה" at the beginning of the word. This is pronounced "ha":

  • יונה (pigeon) --> היונה (the pigeon)


If you want to indicate the word "and", you add the letter "ו" at the front of the word. It is pronounced "vuh". If you're also using "ה", then add it after the "ו":

  • אמא (mom) --> ואמא (and mom)

Verb ConjugationEdit

Verbs in Hebrew are conjugated according to number and person (I, you, they, etc.) like in English, but they also follow the gender of the person. That means there is a difference between "she comes" and "he comes" in Hebrew. In addition, person is ignored in the present tense, so the only verb forms in this skill are between "masculine singular" and "feminine singular". Later skills will add other verb forms for the plural and other verb tenses.


Adjectives will follow the noun they modify in Hebrew:

  • לחם (bread) <-- לחם חם (hot bread)


Lesson 1Edit

  • בא (ba) = comes, is coming (masc. sing.)
  • באה (ba-a) = comes, is coming (fem. sing.)
  • אבא (a-ba) = father, dad
  • האבא (ha-a-ba) = the father, the dad
  • אהבה (a-ha-va) = love

Lesson 2Edit

  • אמא (e-ma) = mother
  • האמא (h-e-ma) = the mother
  • האם (ha-im) = "question word"

Lesson 3Edit

  • ואמא = and mother
  • או (o) = or
  • הוא = he
  • אוהב = love(s) (masc.)
  • ואבא = and father

Lesson 4Edit

  • אוהבת = love(s) (fem.)
  • אתה = you (masc. sing.)
  • את = you (fem. sing.)
  • מים = water (plural)
  • היא = she

Lesson 5Edit

  • אני = I
  • יין = wine
  • היונה = the dove, the pigeon
  • יונה = dove, pigeon
  • ואני = and I

Lesson 6Edit

  • חלב = milk
  • וחלב = and milk
  • החלב = the milk
  • לחם = bread
  • ולחם = and bread
  • חם = hot
  • לא = not


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