The hearts system works in iOS and for some users on Android as a part of A/B testing. Initially it was called health and on May 2019 users gradually began to see the name hearts.

Hearts pull-down menu in iOS

Hearts[edit | edit source]

On the right hand side of the app there is a small heart with a number. That number is decremented by one for each error (this doesn't apply to errors in skip level tests). When the number goes to 0 the current lesson is interrupted and you can't use the app. A heart can be gained by waiting 5 hours, taking a practice lesson or by watching an ad. You can gain five hearts spending 350 gems (450 gems for some accounts).

This system was introduced around June 2017, but it was named Health.[1]

If you press the heart icon a drop-down screen appears. There you can see how many hours are needed for the next health piece, get one heart by practicing, or buy one heart using gems.

In Spanish and Portuguese the word used is vidas and in French its vies (lives, one heart is one life).


Health screen in iOS (May 2019)

Health[edit | edit source]

Initially "hearts" were called "health", and some users as of July 2019 still have this word. There was a small heart encircled in 5 red arcs, bars or pieces. You lost one piece for each error. When all pieces were gray the behavior was the same as having 0 hearts.

The health heart could be seen at the top of each exercise. It also had a red heart icon at the bottom menu bar. That icon would take you to a page almost identical to the current drop-down menu.

Exempt from hearts[edit | edit source]

Some courses (observed in the Hungarian for English, Indonesian for English, Klingon for English, Navajo for English, Latin for English and Esperanto for Portuguese courses) don't have the hearts system. Users can make as many errors as they want, just as in Android and the web. In these cases the shop doesn't have a Heart Refill.


Nomenclature comparison[edit | edit source]

Health system Hearts system
Watch an ad to start your lesson with more health Earn 1 heart by watching an ad!
Watch an ad to start your test with another heart!
1 Heart
Full health Full hearts
Health Refill
Regain full health with this health refill.
Heart Refill
Get full hearts so you can worry less about making mistakes in a lesson
Health Shield
Equip a Health Shield to learn with unlimited health.
Unlimited hearts
Never run out of hearts with Duolingo Plus!
Next piece in 4h 59m 59s Next heart in 4h 59m 59s
No health left!
Practice weak skills to regain health faster
No hearts left!
Practice weak skills to regain hearts faster
You gained health! You gained another heart!
You ran out of health! You ran out of hearts!
Your health is full again!
You're ready for new lessons.
You have 5 hearts again!
You're ready for new lessons.

(*) Instead of "health" it should be "hearts".

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Duolingo Forums, Health… Is it a Success?, March 16, 2018.

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