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There are various places to get help or report problems you are experiencing.

Reporting spam or abuse[]

See Moderator#Reporting incidents for a guide to reporting spam or abuse/harassment.

Reporting or troubleshooting technical problems[]

First, see if your problem is a known issue by checking Troubleshooting as well as the Troubleshooting forum on Duolingo.

If your problem is not already known, you can submit a bug report.

Feedback or suggestions for Duolingo[]

Feedback or suggestions for Duolingo can be sent to support@duolingo.com.

Language-related questions[]

Language-related questions can be asked in the language-specific forum for that language. If the language you have a question about is not yet available on Duolingo, you may be able to find an answer using some of the resources collected at Language resources.

If you have a question about a specific exercise in a Duolingo language course, you can ask it in the discussion section for that exercise by clicking on the "Discuss sentence" button that appears after you've submitted your answer. Please note that this section is only for asking questions about things you're unsure about. Reporting a problem with the exercise should instead be done using the "Report a problem" button.

General questions about Duolingo[]

For general questions about Duolingo, such as "What is the highest level?" or "How are new courses added?", please first look for an answer on this wiki. You can search for an answer using the search box at the top of the page. You can also search for answers in the Duolingo forums using the search box to the left of the "New Discussion" button. (For best results when doing a search, try to narrow down your query to a few key words, e.g. "highest level" or "streak freeze".)

Some additional resources are also listed here.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in any of those places then you can ask about it in the main Duolingo discussion area.

Questions or comments about this wiki[]

General comments or questions about this wiki can be left in the Duolingo Wiki forum. You can also comment on specific pages in the comment section at the bottom of the page or, on some pages, by clicking on "Talk" at the top of the page near the main "Edit" button. You can also leave a message for a specific wiki editor on their message wall.

Before leaving a comment or question on this wiki, please create a Wikia account with a valid e-mail address if you haven't already and make sure you are logged in when you comment so that you will be notified when someone responds to you.

Also please keep in mind that this wiki is entirely unofficial and volunteer-run. Questions or comments for Duolingo staff should be directed through the other channels listed above.