Verbs: Future 1 is the sixtieth (assuming read left to right) skill in the German language tree. The skill contains four lessons that teach the learner of German about how to describe the future tense in German, while learning several new verbs along the way.

Grammar notesEdit

German uses the verb werden to form the future tense. Its conjugation is as follows:

Pronoun Conjugation
ich werde
du wirst
er, sie, es wird
wir werden
ihr werdet
sie, Sie werden

Remember, all verbs beyond the first go to the end of the sentence.


Lesson 1Edit

  • essen = to eat
  • reden = to talk
  • gehen = to go
  • warten = to wait

Lesson 2Edit

  • kosten = to cost
  • lieben = to love
  • wissen = to know
  • folgen = to follow
  • vergessen = to forget
  • bleiben = to stay

Lesson 3Edit

  • rufen = to call
  • testen = to test
  • sprechen = to speak
  • lösen = to solve
  • handeln = to act
  • zählen = to count

Lesson 4Edit

  • beraten = to advise
  • merken = to notice
  • erklären = to explain
  • bieten = to offer
  • schützen = to protect


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