Questions 2 is the twenty-sixth (assuming left to right) skill in the German language tree. It contains three lessons that introduce the learner of German to question words.

Tips and NotesEdit

Six question words appear in German: wer, was, wo, wann, warum, and wie. All of these are explained below.

Wer (Who)Edit

Wer is declinable; it will change depending on case. It becomes wen in the accusative, wem in the dative, and wessen in the genitive.

Was (What)Edit

Was has an interesting ability to create what are called "prepositional questions." These words include wohin and wofür. Essentially, it is wo(r)+preposition when the subject of the preposition would be "was".

Example: an was = "woran."

Wo (Where)Edit

Wo is the general purpose question; wohin and woher denote going to and leaving a place, respectively.

NOTE: Wo sounds like "who" and wer sounds like "where." However, they do not have those meanings. Do not be confused.

Wann (When)Edit

Wann will not change depending on the case. It can be used with conjunctions such as seit or bis as in "Seit wann hast du hier gearbeitet?" ("Since when have you worked here?").

Warum (Why)Edit

Warum and wieso are all equivalent in meaning.

Wie (How)Edit



Lesson 1Edit

  • was = what
  • wo = where
  • warum = why
  • wohin = where to
  • wann = when
  • wieso = why
  • wofür = what for

Lesson 2Edit

  • worüber = what about
  • wie = how
  • welche = which
  • wer = who

Lesson 3Edit

  • wieviel = how much/many
  • die Antwort = answer
  • die Frage = question
  • fragen = to ask
  • antworten = to answer


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