Questions 1 is the twelfth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for German. In the three lessons of this skill, more adjectives are learned, and you also gain the ability to ask yes or no questions.

Grammar notesEdit

Yes/No QuestionsEdit

A yes or no question in German is formed from a technique called subject-verb inversion. It exists in English too ("Is the house red?"), but in German it is the only way to form a yes or no question. Simply take the subject and the verb, and flip them around. This changes the sentence from a statement...

Das Haus ist grün. ("The house is green.") a question.

Ist das Haus grün? ("Is the house green?")


Lesson 1Edit

  • neu = new
  • schnell = fast
  • langsam = slow
  • schön = pretty
  • wichtig = important
  • teuer = expensive
  • weit = wide

Lesson 2Edit

  • müde = tired
  • kalt = cold
  • schwer = hard, heavy
  • richtig = correct
  • alt = old
  • jung = young

Lesson 3Edit

  • schmutzig = dirty
  • sauber = clean
  • hoch = high
  • tief = deep
  • warm = warm


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