Occupation 1 is the forty-fourth (assuming left to right) skill in the German language tree. In these five lessons, the learner of German begins to be able to talk about jobs and professions in German.

Grammar notesEdit

Student oder Schüler?Edit

German has two words that map to "student" in English. Student is always a university or college student. Any other uses of "student" (i.e. students of a secondary or primary school or some other institution) are called Schüler.

I am a...Edit

German eliminates the "a/an" when describing a job, such "I am a teacher." If you have an adjective or are using a different article, then keep it.


Lesson 1Edit

  • der Beruf = occupation
  • der/die Arzt/Ärztin = doctor
  • der(die) Bäcker(in) = baker
  • der(die) Koch/Köchin = cook

Lesson 2Edit

  • der(die) Lehrer(in) = teacher
  • der(die) Schüler(in) = student
  • der(die) Student(in) = student
  • der(die) Professor(in) = professor

Lesson 3Edit

  • der Geschäftsführer = manager
  • der(die) Arbeitgeber(in) = employer
  • der(die) Mitarbeiter(in) = co-worker
  • der Arbeitnehmer = employee
  • die Arbeit = work

Lesson 4Edit

  • der Senior = senior
  • der Autor = author
  • der Trainer = coach
  • der Händler = trader
  • der Meister = master
  • der(die) Chef(in) = leader
  • der Bürgermeister = mayor

Lesson 5Edit

  • der(die) Architekt(in) = architect
  • der(die) Bauer(in)= farmer
  • der(die) Verkäufer(in) = seller
  • der(die) Fahrer(in) driver
  • die Bedienung = service
  • die Feuerwehr = fire department


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