Imperative is the one hundred and ninth (assuming left to right) skill in the German language tree with a total of two lessons. In these lessons, the student of German learns about the imperative tense. This tense is the source of all commands: "Eat." "Drink." "Be."

No new words are learned in this skill.

Grammar notesEdit

German imperatives are less difficult than the actual conjugation of the verbs. The verb stem gains an ending. The endings are:

  • du: -e or nothing (Lass, Ruf, etc.)
  • wir: -en wir(Lassen wir, Rufen wir, etc.)
  • ihr: -(e)t (Lasst, Ruft, etc.)
  • Sie: -en Sie (Lassen Sie, Rufen Sie, etc.)

In verbs that have a stem change when conjugated, the stem changes in the imperative as well.

Example: "Lies mir ein Buch vor" ("Read me a book.")

The only verbs that are oddities in this system are verbs ending in just -n:

  • Sei!
  • Seien wir!
  • Seiet!
  • Seien Sie!


Lesson 1Edit

  • lass = let
  • trink = drink
  • lies = read
  • handle = act
  • iss = eat
  • sei = be

Lesson 2Edit

  • biege ab = turn
  • nimm = take
  • ruf = call


Duolingo Lesson:

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