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Habits is the twenty-seventh skill in the language tree for German. The skill teaches vocabulary relating to meals and routines, and there are five lessons in total in the skill.

Grammar Notes[]

Vowel changes[]

Some German verbs are irregular, like essen or treffen, the latter being new in this skill. You'll need to memorize the forms, but thankfully most verbs are regular except for the du and er/sie/es forms:

  • Er trifft uns jede Woche. = He meets us every week.
  • Du isst Müsli zum Frühstück. = You eat muesli for breakfast.

Just add -s![]

When speaking German, if you want to use a phrase like "in the morning" or "on Sundays" all you have to do is add an -s to the end of the word:

  • morgens = in the morning(s)
  • donnerstags = on Thursdays - note that this isn't capitalized while Donnerstag is.


If you pluralize masculine nationalities or jobs like Amerikaner or Schauspieler, the plural is simply the same word with die instead of der. For feminine nationalities or jobs like Amerikanerin or Schauspielerin, the plural is adding -nen:

  • Freundin (one female friend) -> Freundinnen (multiple female friends)


Lesson 1[]

  • abends = in the evening
  • wie oft = how often
  • Sport machen = to exercise
  • Yoga machen = to do yoga
  • pro = per

Lesson 2[]

  • das Müsli = muesli (a common German cereal)
  • der Joghurt = yogurt
  • das Frühstück = breakfast
  • morgens = in the morning

Lesson 3[]

  • treffen = to meet
  • ich treffe = I meet
  • du triffst = you meet
  • er/sie/es trifft = meets
  • jede/jeder/jeden = every (jede is feminine, jeder/jeden are masculine)

Lesson 4[]

  • das Mittagessen = lunch
  • der Chef = boss (m.) (not a chef)
  • die Chefin = boss (f.)
  • die Kollegen = colleagues
  • das Brötchen = (bread) roll
  • der Schinken = ham
  • die Tasse = cup

Lesson 5[]

  • das Hähnchen = chicken
  • freitags = on Fridays
  • sonntags = on Sundays
  • die Freundinnen = friends (f.)
  • das Abendessen = dinner
  • der Reis = rice


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Habits