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Future Perfect is the eighty-third (assuming left to right) skill in the German language tree. It is the last skill before the fourth checkpoint. In these two lessons, the learner of German is introduced to the future perfect tense. No new words are learned, but the words already learned are used to express new ideas about what will have happened.

Grammar Tips[]

The future perfect is used in phrases such as "It will have happened." It is not a common construction, but it is used on occasion.

The German future perfect is structured slightly differently than in English. There are three parts: the main verb (invariably werden), the past participle, and the linking verb (which is either haben or sein; this will match the verb used in the other perfect tenses).

Haben is used if the verb is not moving

Sein is used if the verb is moving


"I will have met him."-"Ich werde ihn getrifft haben."

"He will have seen it."-"Er wird es gesehen haben."

"Where will he have gone?"-"Wohin wird er gegangen sein?"

The infinitive always comes after the past participle. "Ich werde ihn haben getrifft" for example, is not correct.


Lesson 1[]

Tense is learned, and review of past participles:

  • gelesen = read
  • geschlossen = closed

Lesson 2[]

Continued learning using past participles:

  • gegessen = eaten
  • gesagt = said
  • gekauft = bought


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Verbs:-Future-Perfect