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Dative Prepositions is the thirty-fifth (assuming left to right) skill of the German language tree. In the three lessons that make up this skill, you will learn about dative prepositions (prepositions whose objects are always in the dative case).

Grammar notes[]

Dative Prepositions[]

Dative prepositions will always take the dative case. These are: aus, außer, bei, gegenüber, mit, nach, seit, laut, von, and zu.

Nach Hause and Zu Hause[]

Nach Hause means "to home" and zu Hause, "at home." The -e at the end is an old relic of German that you will never probably see again.


Lesson 1[]

  • seit = since
  • von = from, of
  • mit = with

Lesson 2[]

  • bei = at, with
  • nach = to, after
  • zu = to

Lesson 3[]

  • vom = of the
  • beim = at the
  • zum = to the
  • zur = to the


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Dative-Prepositions