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Conjunctions is the twenty-fourth skill (assuming left to right) in the German language tree. It contains four lessons that teach conjunctions, the words that link sentences together.

Tips and Notes[]

There are three kinds of conjunctions in German, just like in English: the subordinating conjunctions, the correlative conjunctions, and the coordinating conjunctions.

Subordinating Conjunctions[]

Subordinating conjunctions combine an independent clause with a dependent clause; the dependent clause cannot stand on its own. In German, the word order changes in these clauses; all of the verbs move to the end.

Example: Er hat Hunger, weil er nichts aß. (He is hungry because he ate nothing). Notice that as a sentence, it would be "Er aß nichts."

Coordinating Conjunctions[]

Coordinating conjunctions combine two things with equal value; in German, there is no change in the structure of the sentence.

Correlative Conjunctions[]

Correlative conjunctions also combine two things of equal value, but they do this in pairs. Entweder...oder is one such pair.


Lesson 1[]

  • entweder = either
  • oder = or
  • aber = but
  • denn = because
  • doch = though, but

Lesson 2[]

  • wenn = if
  • weil = because
  • dass = that

Lesson 3[]

  • da = since
  • obwohl = although
  • solange = as long as
  • sobald = as soon as

Lesson 4[]

  • sondern = but rather


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Conjunctions