Clothing is the fourteenth (assuming left to right, and not including bonus skills) skill in the German language tree. It contains three lessons teaching some vocabulary for articles of clothing, as well as teaching a verb for wearing these clothes, tragen.

Tips and NotesEdit


The plural of Kleid is Kleider, but Kleider is also a word meaning "clothes;" using the word Kleidung when you mean "clothes," therefore, saves a lot of confusion.


Hosen is the plural of Hose, but both mean "pants." Proceed with caution; Hosen are multiple pairs of pants, while Hose are just one pair.


Lesson 1Edit

  • tragen = to wear, carry
  • das Kleid = dress
  • der Rock = skirt
  • der Hut = hat
  • der Schuh = shoe

Lesson 2Edit

  • die Hose = pants
  • die Jacke = jacket
  • die Kleidung = clothing
  • das Hemd = shirt
  • der Mantel = coat

Lesson 3Edit

  • die Tasche = bag, pocket
  • die Kosmetik = cosmetics
  • der Ring = ring
  • passen = to fit, to match
  • der Knopf = button
  • der Schmuck = jewelry
  • der Fleck = spot, stain


Duolingo Lesson:

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