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German is a West Germanic language[1] and one of the original languages available to learn on Duolingo.[2] The tree for the language was updated on October 17, 2016.

As of December 2021, the German from English course has 168 skills (171 counting bonus skills).

Keyboard layouts and input methods[]

Main article: Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods

Grammar tips[]

See German/Grammar tips.

External resources[]


  • PONS - Free and editorially checked, many language combinations with German, multilingual user interface
  • BeoLingus - A free online dictionary.
  • dict.cc - An English-German dictionary.
  • Duden online - The Duden, online (in German).
  • DWDS - Das Digitale Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache; includes an etymological dictionary.
  • Leo - A free dictionary with translation to many languages.
  • Linguee - A free dictionary. The default translation is between English and German.
  • Wiktionary


Grammar references[]


Content in German[]

  • Slow German - News, up-to-the-minute site. Membership fee, but there is a huge resource of learning material for a very reasonable price.
  • Ein rätselhafter Auftrag ("A Mysterious Mission") - Free mobile game for both Android and iOS devices developed by the Goethe Institut. A fun approach on inter-cultural communication and plenty of advice for professional life. And the best part: the texts use a great range of Duolingo's vocabulary, which makes it an excellent practice tool for those who have already finished their tree.
  • Projekt Gutenberg - Offers free books that are out of copyright, classified by author.
  • http://www.dank.org/tv/ - Links to free German TV content, compiled by the German American National Congress.
  • Vorleser - Free audiobooks in German.
  • Learnoutlive - A few free books in German, some with English translation and exercises. Option for more paid content.
  • Lesekorb - Books for children, including shortened German translations of some classics.
  • About German - Short stories, some with English translation. The site also contains other tips for learning German.
  • Deutschdrang - Various short stories with questions and exercise tips.
  • Readlang - Immersion through German music and stories, with word translations when clicked. Be warned for frequent errors in the text though.
  • Extra - Youtube teleseries for English speakers studying German.
  • Sublearning - Movie subtitle flashcard quiz in German and many other languages


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