This Mobile section relates to all portable platforms supported by Duolingo.
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What mobile devices is Duolingo available on?Edit

Duolingo has full mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and Phone devices.[1][2]

Flashcard apps are also available for Google Glass[3] and Android Wear.

A mobile-friendly version of the Duolingo website can also be accessed via most modern mobile web browsers by visiting in the browser.


When will course X be added to mobile app Y?Edit

New courses are added to the mobile apps once they meet certain quality criteria, which usually takes at least a few weeks.[4]

As the various mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) are not always updated at the same time, a new course may come to one app before it comes to another.

Can I use Duolingo offline?Edit

Yes, users can do some lessons while offline and using the apps,[5] but your activity will not be credited towards your daily goals unless you logon before midnight.

How long can I use Duolingo offline?Edit

As of 14 March 2013, the mobile application can be used offline for roughly 1 hour.[6]

Can I access the general discussion forum using the app?Edit

No, the main discussion forum is only available through the web. However, users can access the sentence discussions using the app.[7]

Are there different features between mobile and web platform?Edit

Yes, some features are not available in some platforms.


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