Questions about Lingots, bonus skills and the lingot store are answered below.

Lingot Info Edit

What is a lingot?Edit

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Lingots are an in-game virtual currency used to reward people for various accomplishments related to language learning and translation[1]. Lingots can be used to buy items in the Lingot store or reward people in the Discussion Forum.

How do I earn lingots?Edit

The exact ways one earns lingots is described in the Lingot store and can change if or when the Duolingo team adds or modifies features of the site[1]

What is the Lingot Store?Edit

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The Lingot Store, currently called Shop is a place where users can purchase certain items using lingots[1].

Store itemsEdit

How does Double or Nothing work?Edit

Double or Nothing rewards users who maintain their streak for a period of time.

How does timed practice work?Edit

Timed practice requires users to answers questions within a limited time during their practice. Users also gain XP for each correct answer.

Do I have to buy timed practice each time?Edit

No, users only need to buy timed practice once and can use it as many times as they wish.

How do streak freezes work? Edit

Main article: Streak freeze
Streak freeze allows users to maintain their streak in case they miss one day of practice. This must be purchased before the user loses the streak. The streaks will not be restored after the user loses it.

Bonus skillsEdit

What are bonus skills?Edit

Bonus Skill are optional skills that can be learned[2].

Can bonus skills be removed?Edit

No, as of August 2015 Bonus Skill cannot be removed.

Why can't I buy bonus skills?Edit

Bonus skills can only be bought once you reach a certain point in the tree (commonly the first checkpoint)[3].


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