Verbs: Futur proche is the forty-seventh skill in the language tree for French. It has two lessons that teach the basics of this common verb tense.

Grammar NotesEdit

If you are going to do something soon (within about a week), then you will you the futur proche (near future) tense. This tense is rather simple, using the connjugated form of aller and a verb in the infinitive. It roughly translates to "going to do something" in English, although with an emphasis on the action happening soon.

One important note: aller plus an infinitive can also mean "going (somewhere) to do something", where it is much more literal. Context will be very clear about which one is intended.


Lesson 1Edit

  • demain = tomorrow

Lesson 2Edit

  • après = (here) afterwards
  • bientôt = soon
  • après-demain = the day after tomorrow
  • aller chercher = to pick up (someone)


Duolingo Lesson:

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