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Negation 2 is the forty-eighth skill in the language tree for French on Duolingo. It has three lessons and teaches how to form other kinds of negatives in French.

Grammar Notes[]

New Negatives[]

This skill teaches many new kinds of negatives. Note that any time you use a negative in French, you have to have the particle ne before the verb.

Prefix in-[]

The prefix in- in words such as inutile is similar to the English "un-" in that it negates the word, creating an opposite. If the prefix comes before a word beginning with "p" or "m" it becomes im- (see impossible) and if it comes before "r" or "l" it matches that letter (for example irresponsable and illetré).


Lesson 1[]

  • rien = nothing
  • personne = no one, nobody
  • ne...plus = no more, not anymore
  • ne...jamais = never
  • ni...ni... = neither...nor...
  • impoli = impolite
  • ne...pas du tout = not at all

Lesson 2[]

  • irresponsable = irresponsible
  • ne...plus rien = nothing else
  • ne...plus personne = nobody else
  • impossible = impossible
  • ne...plus jamais = never again
  • si = yes to a no question
  • ne...pas encore = not yet

Lesson 3[]

  • inconnu = unknown
  • injuste = unfair
  • inutile = useless
  • ne...pas non plus = neither (as in "Neither do I")
  • ne...nulle part = nowhere
  • ne...encore rien = still nothing
  • incroyable = incredible


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Verneinungen-2