Madame et Monsieur is the third skill of the French language tree and has two lessons. In this skill, adjective endings are introduced and a few more basic phrases are given.

Grammar TipsEdit

Adjectives in French have to match their gender and number with the gender of the noun they describe:

  • l'homme français = the French man
  • la femme anglaise = the English woman

Some adjectives have the same form regardless of gender:

  • l'homme est calme.
  • la femme est calme.

The vast majority of adjectives add an -e when changing from masculine to feminine. A few have different endings and will be pointed out when they show up.


Lesson 1Edit

  • bonjour = hello
  • madame = Mrs.
  • monsieur = Mr.
  • suisse = Swiss

Lesson 2Edit

  • la nuit = night
  • au revoir = goodbye
  • anglais = English (masc.)
  • anglaise = English (fem.)
  • français = French (masc.)
  • française = French (fem.)
  • bonne nuit = good night


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