Basics 2 is the fourth (assuming read left to right) skill in the French language tree. It consists of four lessons. While Basics 1 introduced singular subjects and objects, Basics 2 introduces plurals.

Tips and NotesEdit


Plurals in French are exactly like plurals in English; all you have to do is add an -s. This works for adjectives as well, as outlined below.


Adjectives agree in number and gender with the noun they modify.

  • le garçon calme, les garçons calmes
  • la femme calme, les femmes calmes

Ils or Elles?Edit

Both of these words mean "they" in English, but they are very different:

  • Ils is used when one or more of the group of people or objects are masculine. *Elles is used when all of the objects or people in the group are feminine.


Lesson 1Edit

  • calmes = quiet (plural)
  • les = the
  • nous sommes = we are
  • les hommes = men
  • ils/elles sont = are

Lesson 2Edit

  • j'écris = I write
  • il/elle lit = he/she reads
  • vous êtes = you are (plural/formal)
  • vous avez = you have
  • le livre = book
  • la lettre = letter
  • rouge = red

Lesson 3Edit

  • le journal = newspaper
  • ils/elles écrivent = they write
  • nous lisons = we read

Lesson 4Edit

  • nous avons = we have
  • ils/elles lisent = they read
  • ils/elles mangent = they eat
  • l'enfant = child (m.)


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