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Falstaff[1] (sometimes referred to as Grumpy Bear, Hungry Bear or just The Brown Bear) is a character frequently appearing in Duolingo lessons and stories, without having a lot of real lore. He is an anthropomorphic bear almost always seen wearing a cyan blue or a crimson red scarf, and often with a grumpy expression.

Besides Duo, he is the only other frequent non-human character. He is never really included in Duolingo's references to its characters, making him different from other characters like Duo, Bea, Lucy and Junior. For a while, his name was even unknown.

Since the lessons include statements about a bear doing anthropomorphic things, fans have speculated that they might refer to Falstaff (for example, that he might be the bear drinking beer in the German course).


  • In the history of Challenges, Falstaff was first featured in December 2021. The challenge was titled Falstaff's Big Sleep, which was referencing the beginning of winter and the start of hibernation for bears. It was because of this challenge that the bear's name was revealed. Another challenge titled Falstaff's Discovery, in which he ventures into outer space, was added in July 2023. He is currently featured in another challenge titled Falstaff's Freewheeling Ride, which is about Falstaff learning how to ride a bike, and the challenge was added during May 2024.
  • He and the mascot Duo are the only main characters to be non-humans.
  • Falstaff loves snacks.
  • In Duolingo ABC, Falstaff (called FoFo in the app) can actually talk to all of the other characters. It is unknown whether or not this carries on into Duolingo.
  • A toy has recently appeared in the official Duolingo store[2]
  • According to a Duolingo adventure called "Finding the Professor", Falstaff is a cooking professor.