Time is the thirtieth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree. In the five lessons of this skill, the learner of Dutch is taught how to describe time accurately in Dutch.

Grammar NotesEdit

Telling TimeEdit

The Dutch mostly use the English system of writing times and dates, with the sole exception of when it is half-past. The Dutch say half to the next hour. For example, 7:30 is half acht.

's Edit

Dutch permits saying in de ochtend or in de nacht, but the more correct term is using the contraction 's. Instead, say 's morgens or 's nachts.

Capitalization with 'sEdit

If the 's begins the sentence, then the word that it is proceeding gets the capital instead. For example, " 's Morgens ga ik naar de winkel."

Capitals in DatesEdit

Dutch months and days are not capitalized.


Lesson 1Edit

  • de dag = day
  • de nacht = night
  • de middag = noon
  • de tijd = time
  • morgenavond = tomorrow evening
  • de avond = evening

Lesson 2Edit

  • de morgen = morning
  • vanavond = tonight
  • vandaag = today
  • altijd = always
  • vanmiddag = this afternoon

Lesson 3Edit

  • de klok = clock
  • overdag = the day after tomorrow
  • de uur = hour
  • het kwartier = quarter-hour
  • hoe laat is het? = what time is it?

Lesson 4Edit

  • om = around
  • half = half
  • kwart = quarter
  • over = past
  • voor = to
  • tot = to

Lesson 5Edit

  • hoelang = how long
  • duren = to last
  • het moment = moment
  • lang = long
  • later = later
  • eerder = earlier


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