Stressed Pronouns is the ninth skill (assuming read left to right) in the language tree for Dutch. It has one lesson and teaches sentence stress in Dutch, which will cause some changes in sentence structure as well

Grammar NotesEdit

Stressed PronounsEdit

The stressed pronouns and their unstressed counterparts are:

Unstressed Stressed
je jij
we wij
ze zij

Sentence StressEdit

The question is, why do we need stress pronouns in Dutch? Dutch people like to indicate which part of the sentence is important by putting it at the beginning of the sentence or by emphasizing it through pitch and volume. So if a stressed pronoun is at the beginning, that means that the subject is important. If an unstressed pronoun is at the beginning, the important thing is the stuff after the verb.

  • Jij hebt het = you have it (and no one else does)
  • Je hebt het = you have it (instead of having something else)


  • wel = well
  • maar = but
  • ook = also
  • wij = we (stressed)
  • jij = you (sing. inf. stressed)
  • zij = she (stressed) or they (stressed)


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