Verbs: Simple Past is the sixty-fourth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree. This skill contains four lessons that deal with the simple past, the other common past tense in Dutch.

Grammar NotesEdit

The simple past is commonly used in writing and formal speech, rather than the present perfect. Just like with the present perfect, there are strong and weak verbs; only the weak ones and the three most common strong ones are introduced in this skill.

To form the simple past of weak verbs, take the stem and add either -d at the end (or a -t if the last letter is s, f, t, k, ch, or p). After that, add -e for singular or -en for plural.

The three irregular ones introduced are:

--- zijn hebben doen
Singular: was had deed
Plural: waren hadden deden


Lesson 1Edit

  • waren = was
  • hadden = had
  • deden = did

Lesson 2Edit

  • wilden = wanted
  • speelden = played
  • toen = when
  • hoorden = heard
  • kookten = cooked
  • woonden = lived
  • gelooften = believed

Lesson 3Edit

  • gebruikten = used
  • maakten = made
  • betaalden = paid
  • luisterden = listened
  • vroeger = earlier
  • openden = opened
  • praatten = talked

Lesson 4Edit

  • gebeurden = happened
  • probeerden = tried
  • kenden = knew
  • regende = rained
  • stopten = stopped
  • duurden = lasted
  • hoefden = needed to


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