School is the seventy-ninth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree with six lessons. The skill teaches the learner of Dutch about vocabulary that refers to education and teaching, along with a few words relating to the Dutch school system.

Cultural NotesEdit

The Dutch school system is slightly different than in the English-speaking world, notably the idea of making separate school "streams" for those who want to go to university, into the trades, etc. All but a handful of schools in the Netherlands are public, and uniforms are unheard of.


This is for children aged 4 to 12. This school is the same for all children of this age. At the end of basisschool they write an exam (the CITO) which determines which school stream would be best, although this decision is ultimately up to the parents of the child.

Middelbare School Edit

At this point, the children are split up into three separate streams, although only in the first year (a so-called brugklas or "bridge-class") are they allowed to switch streams. At the end of the stream, there is a standardized test that allows the child to graduate. These streams are:

  • Voorbereidend middelbaar beroepsonderwijs (or het vmbo colloquially), which is meant to prepare students planning on going into a trade school (het mbo). This stream lasts four years.
  • Hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs (het havo), which is for those planning on going into applied science or to a college (called hogeschool or het hbo). This stream takes five years to complete.
  • Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs (het vwo), which is for those planning on going to university. This stream lasts six years and permits entrance to any Dutch university (het wo).

Students in all streams of secondary school are given a variety of courses to choose from so they can study what they would like. [1]


Lesson 1Edit

  • de leraar = teacher
  • het onderwijs = education
  • de school = school
  • de les = lesson
  • de klas = class
  • de leerling = pupil

Lesson 2Edit

  • lesgeven = to teach
  • het voorbeeld = example
  • de huiswerk = homework
  • de toets = test
  • de oefening = practice
  • de opdracht = assignment

Lesson 3Edit

  • het krijt = chalk
  • de pen = pen
  • de gum = eraser
  • de schrift = notebook
  • het plakband = tape
  • de lijm = glue
  • het schoolbord = blackboard

Lesson 4Edit

  • op|voeden = to raise, to bring up
  • de opvoeding = upbringing
  • de basisschool = primary school
  • de middelbare school = secondary school
  • het examen = exam
  • slagen = to pass (an exam), to graduate

Lesson 5Edit

  • de voorbereiding = preparation
  • de uitleg = explanation
  • de presentatie = presentation
  • de lijst = list
  • het onderwerp = topic
  • het cijfer = grade

Lesson 6Edit

  • de wiskunde = mathematics
  • het gedeelte = part
  • de doelstelling = objective
  • de geschiedenis = history
  • de aardrijkskunde = geography
  • studeren = to study


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