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Questions 2 is the twenty-third skill (assuming read left to right) in the Dutch language tree. It has three questions that introduce open-ended questions.

Grammar Notes[]

Open-ended Questions[]

These kinds of questions can have many different answers instead of just "yes" or "no" because they involve question words. These words include "what" and "where", giving a variety of possibilities for answers.

In Dutch, these question words cause inversion just like with yes/no questions, with the question word coming before the verb:

  • Wie is dat daar?
  • Hoe gaan we?


Lesson 1[]

  • wie = who
  • waar = where
  • wat = what
  • waarom = why
  • hoe = how

Lesson 2[]

  • wiens = whose
  • welk = which (het-words)
  • welke = which (de-words)
  • hoeveel = how much/how many
  • wanneer = when

Lesson 3[]

  • de vraag = question
  • het antwoord = answer
  • een vraag stellen/doen = to ask a question


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Questions-2