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Pronominal Adverbs is the fifty-eighth skill in the language tree for Dutch. The skill has five lessons and teaches the various pronominal adverbs in Dutch. In English, pronominal adverbs have almost completely dropped out of usage, but in Dutch, they are alive and well.

Grammar Notes[]

Pronominal Adverbs[]

First off, what is a pronominal adverb? Pronominal adverbs are a combination of a preposition and a pronoun. In Dutch, this pronoun cannot refer to a person. There are many ways that pronominal adverbs are formed, and each is outlined below:


Most commonly, we're just saying "of it" or "inside it". With this kind of pronominal adverb, er replaces the pronoun:

  • er + op = erop ("on top of it")

If you want to indicate that it's on top of that or next to this, er is replaced by daar and hier respectively.


When the pronominal adverb is used as a question or as a relative pronoun (more on those later), the er is replaced by waar:

  • waar + over = waarover ("about what?")


These three words refer to general places ("something", "nothing", and "everything" specifically) and can also work just like er (although these kinds of pronominal adverbs are written as two words).


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Pronominal-adverbs