Past Perfect (also known as Pluperfect) is the ninety-fifth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree. It contains three lessons; these lessons teach the use of the past perfect tense.

Tips and NotesEdit


The pluperfect (or past perfect) is used when you are describing something that happened before another event in the present perfect . The tense is formed with the simple past of hebben or zijn, as well as a past participle:

  • Ik had het verwacht = I had expected it


Lesson 1Edit

  • verwacht = expected

Lesson 2Edit

  • beloofd = believed
  • verloren = lost
  • geholpen = helped
  • geroepen = called, shouted

Lesson 3Edit

  • gemist = missed
  • gesloten = closed
  • gereden = ridden, driven
  • gevallen = fallen



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