Passive is the eighty-fifth skill in the Dutch language tree. In the four lessons of this skill, the student of Dutch learns about the passive voice in Dutch. Rather than saying "I did it," one could say that "It was done by me." This is the essence of the passive voice.

Grammar NotesEdit

The passive can be created in Dutch in three ways: using worden, using zijn, and using er.

Worden as the verbEdit

Worden is the most common way of forming the passive in Dutch. With this method, the correct conjugation of worden (for the object) and the past participle are required. This method is used in the first lesson, and in the simple past werden in the third lesson. This method creates the "dynamic" passive where there is the implication of a continuous action.

Example: "Ik word door de serveerster gered." ("I am being saved by the waitress.")

Note that door is used as a way of reintroducing the subject in passive sentences.

Zijn as the verbEdit

Zijn is the next most common way of creating the passive voice. This method creates the "static" passive; the action has already happened. The correct conjugation of zijn and the past participle are needed for this method. This method is used in the second lesson.

Example: "Jesper is door hen gezien" ("Jesper has been seen by them.")

Er as a objectEdit

Er can be the object of a passive voice sentence. This is examined in the fourth lesson. It creates a sentence without an object or subject where the action has been happening or is happening currently without pointing out anything as doing the object. One of the previous methods is used to create this kind of passive voice.

Example: "Er is gelopen." ("There has been walking (around here).")


Lesson 1Edit

  • gepresenteerd = presented
  • gesteund = supported
  • gebeld = called

Lesson 2Edit

  • gewassen = washed
  • gered = saved

Lesson 3Edit

  • herkend = recognized

Lesson 4Edit

  • gedanst = danced
  • gezocht = searched
  • gelachen = laughed


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