Duome (pronounced Duo me) the Duolingo Unofficial Hall of Fame is a site with many halls of fame available in

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The main page is the Duolingo Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame, with updated data. As of 25 April 2019 the biggest streak is 2296 days (belonging to user christi3), i.e. it began on January 11, 2013. There is a stricken through user (Hillmarcia) with 2996 days, i.e. she began on December 11, 2011. Both user streaks can be seen in the Duolingo apps, with the search friends feature.

As of 25 April 2019 the Duolingo Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame is divided in the following sections:

  • Seriously: 2190+ (from almost 6 years to more than 7 years)
  • Ultimate · 5 Years
  • Platinum · 4 Years
  • Gold · 3 Years
  • Silver · 2 Years
  • ¡Soon! · 300+ Days
  • Junior · 100+ Days
  • Alumni · 100+ Days (Lost Streaks)

In total there are 25709 users.

Individual progress pageEdit

The page shows the progress of a user, for the language currently configured on their profile. See for example

In this page you can alos see the XP of the current course.

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