The following are the policies Duolingo Wiki editors are expected or required to abide by.


This website is an unofficial, independent, volunteer-run wiki for hosting documentation of the Duolingo language-learning service and guides useful for its users. Duolingo is not responsible for the content of this wiki, nor are this wiki's contributors responsible for Duolingo or its features.

General rulesEdit

  • Editors of this wiki must abide by Wikia's Terms of Use and other official policies.

Topic/page inclusion policyEdit

  • All pages must relate to some aspect of Duolingo.

Article commentsEdit

Article comments should only be used to discuss the corresponding Duolingo Wiki article or related aspects of the Duolingo Wiki. Questions, problems, or feedback regarding Duolingo itself should be directed to Duolingo using the appropriate method as described in Getting help.


  • Anonymous users spamming or vandalizing the wiki will be warned once and banned on second offense.
  • Registered users will be warned 3 times and banned on fourth offense.

Recommended behaviourEdit