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Skill page structureEdit

In this wiki the skill pages are prefixed with the name of the Language, followed by the term "skill:", and the skill name, for example:


A image name must be named in a simple manner, so instead of having "Adjectives 1.png", "Adjectives 2.png", it should be:

  • "Adjectives.png"

This ensures that a page such as French Skill:Adjectives 1 uses an image stored in the File:Adjectives.png, instead of having two images for the same skill because most skills that teach a common theme share the same image.

Instructions to add imagesEdit

The links to the images are tracked in Module:Skills/images.

The file contains mapping of image names for the skills, as well as the skill names.

  • It automatically assumes a png extension for each image, e.g. Basics -> Basics.png .
  • It automatically tries to match any skill that is part of a single theme, e.g. :

Adjectives 1, adjectives 2 -> File:Adjectives.png

  • To add a specific image for a skill, add the skill name
["Name of image"] = {"Name of skill1","Name of other skill"}
["Nouns"] = {"Proper Nouns","Common Nouns"}

This maps image `File:Nouns.png` to all courses that contain the skills "Proper Nouns" and "Common Nouns" (e.g. French Skill:Proper Pronouns, Russian Skill:Common Nouns).

Example 2
["Bullfighter"] = {"Spanish Skill:Bull fighting"}

See how to upload an image in Help:Uploading. Note: The skills images should all be part of Category:Skills images.

Navigation Edit

The skills for each language are stored in Module:Skills/languagename. For example, the french skills are stored in :

Information box on the right side (infobox)Edit

The infobox for skills is Infobox_skill. It can be used for every skill page and automatically adds contents based on the contents of Module:Skills/images and Module:Skills/skillname.

Modules and templates used Edit

The bulk of the data in these infoboxes and navboxes pages are formatted and created using :

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