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This page lists unofficial third-party userscripts intended to enhance the Duolingo experience. These userscripts are not endorsed by Duolingo and may cause unforeseen problems, so exercise caution before installing them.

If you experience a problem with a userscript deactivate it immediately, and try to contact the author of the script directly to see if it can be fixed.

Note: Duolingo may ban users for using scripts that break their Terms of Use or Guidelines [1].

Use userscripts at your own risk.

How to install scripts[]

Scripts can installed in browsers using tools such as Tampermonkey  (be careful to install the Tampermonkey extension and not the Tampermonkey application) or Greasemonkey .

Scripts can be installed from Github by pressing the 'raw' button on the script's page.


Script Description
Remove ALL Sticky Posts Removes ALL sticky posts, allows to see more user submissions.

Click here for the raw script text: http://pastebin.com/5k9BzC2S

From this discussion:


Doesn't work on: duolingo.cn

Duolingo Script Bundle  Includes easier accents (alt key + letter), lesson review, etc..[2].  See also: HodofHod/Userscripts.
Enhanced Language Course Switcher
+ Link to last WIU
+ List of all courses
List courses of all phases with a more user-friendly list than default one (especially if you follow many courses). Includes also a direct link to the last WIU. Works (only) with the new version of the website[3]. More details here.
Duoforumhacks Previews a thread's opening post, & quotes previous poster.[4]
DuoDirectLinks This script adds the direct links for discussion comments, translation sentences, and activity stream events.[5]
DuoMoreLingots This script allows you to give more than one lingot in two clicks.[5]

User script for a better experience when using Duolingo. The following options are available[6]:

  1. Keep per-tree settings for listening/speaking exercises.
  2. Make all the exercises listening exercises (hide the question unless you hoover over it).
  3. Read your answers aloud.
  4. Hide clues (e.g pictures).
  5. Make Duo better for reverse trees.
More Duolingo hotkeys Allows solving all exercises using only the keyboard.
Duolingo Auto-Follow Fix Fixing the things Duo breaks. Auto-follow discussions upon posting either a comment or a reply. (Works for sentence discussions too.)
DuoKeySwitcher The script provide you ability to type right symbols in answer box without switching keyboard layout. Based on the works of Lifeshade (aka HeadwayCourse - DuoTweak) and ilnicki.
Notes Indicator A script that adds an icon in the upper left corner of skills where they are present. If you click on the icon, an overlay with the information will appear.
Skill Strength Viewer This script shows you the strength of your skills, just like classic Duolingo (albeit not as pretty).
Skill Vocabulary Viewer Adds an icon to the top left corner of each skill, and clicking on it will open an overlay displaying the vocabulary associated with the skill.
duolingoProgressAlert This script shows an alert after each lesson which tells you the skills which progressed during this lesson.[7]
Volume Control Adds a volume control option to the settings page.
Duolingo HearEverything It lets you listen to a lot of sentences in a lesson, which aren't spoken by Duo. It even prevents cartoon characters from speaking, replacing it with your browser voice.
Duolingo LevelJumper Provides an menu to easy jump to the first lesson of a skill level (e.g. 3 crowns) and to the last learned level
Duolingo Word Bank Dnd A minimal browser extension for enabling the drag'n'drop of words in the word-bank answers on Duolingo.

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