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Duolingo Stories is a way for intermediate or advanced learners to practice their listening and reading comprehension through the use of bite-sized interactive stories.[1]

Each story comes with questions that, if answered correctly, will earn the user XP toward their language tree.

Duolingo Stories are only available from the web, both on desktop and mobile versions. They began on June 2017 as part of Duolingo Labs,[1] and since May 2019 their link is just at the right of the Learn link, i.e, it is the second most important link of the site.

Sets and full storiesEdit

Stories are grouped into sets. Most sets have 10 stories. Initially Set One is unlocked and to unlock a set all the previous stories must have been passed.

A full story may be composed of several parts. The longest full story has ten parts.

Easy storiesEdit

The first 20 stories in Spanish and French are easy stories. These stories are shorter, have simpler language and all the questions and some alternatives are in English.

Courses that have storiesEdit

In total there are 114 different stories.


See also: Exercise.

Each correct exercise is worth 2 XP. There are around 14 exercises in a normal story, about 7 in an easy story.

E means easy and N means normal.

  • True or False (E): You are presented with a question in English and two possible answers, "Yes, that's true" and "No, that's not right".
  • What do we know for now? (N): You are shown three alternatives of what's going on after three or four sentences.
  • Type the missing phrase (N): You are presented with the audio of a sentence, and also a transcription with several words missing, and you are asked to type the missing words.
  • Define the concept/What does x mean? (E, N): You are asked to select the correct definition of a word or sentence among three alternatives written in your target language. This word or sentence has the English translation in its hints.
  • Select the missing word or phrase (E, N): You are presented with the audio of a sentence, and also a transcription with several words missing; below this there are three alternatives and you are asked to select the one that has the missing words.
  • Form the sentence you just heard (E, N): Several boxes appear and you must select them in order.
  • What has just happened?/What's the end of the sentence/Reading comprehension/What comes next? (E, N): You are asked to select among three alternatives written in your target language.
  • Click on the option that means ... (E, N): You are presented with a sentence with several words enclosed in boxes. You must select the box that answers the question.
  • Select the pairs (E, N): Five boxes in English and five boxes in your target language are shown. You must select the pairs. You may select a box in either language and then its translation. This is always the last exercise of a story.

On May 2019 some questions in the stories instead of being in your target language were changed to be in English (the only available base language).[2]


The place of a story is its set and correlative order. E.g. 01/04 is the fourth story in Set One.

The Stories page initially had the titles in your target language. Beginning October 2018 they are shown in English (the only base language available).[3] To see the name of the story in your target language that story must be unlocked.

Stories in different languages may not be identical. For example, the bride’s father in Locked Bathroom is happily married in the Spanish and Portuguese versions and divorced in the French version.

English nameSpanish place and titlePortuguese place and titleFrench place and titleGerman place and title
Good Morning01/01 Buenos díasN/A01/01 Bonjour !N/A
Do I Know You?03/01 ¿Te conozco?01/01 Conheço você?03/03 On se connaît ?01/03 Kenne ich dich?
Room to Rent / Room for Rent05/0503/0503/01 Chambre à louer01/01 Zimmer zu vermieten
A Date01/02 Una citaN/A01/02 Un rendez-vousN/A
You Can Talk?03/02 ¿Puedes hablar?01/02 Você fala?N/AN/A
Mystery Date04/0602/0603/02 Rendez-vous mystère01/02 Ein geheimnisvolles Date
One Thing01/03 Una cosaN/A01/03 Une choseN/A
Bird Sitting03/03 Cuidando un pájaro01/03 Cuidando de um pássaro03/08 Garde d'oiseau à domicile01/08 Vogelsitting
Surprise!01/04 ¡Sorpresa!N/A01/04 Surprise !N/A
We Have to Talk03/04 Tenemos que hablar01/04 Precisamos conversar03/04 Il faut qu'on parle01/04 Wir müssen reden
In the Museum01/05 En el museoN/A01/05 Au muséeN/A
Locked Bathroom03/05 Encerrada en el baño01/05 Trancada no banheiro06/07 Enfermée dans les toilettes04/07
Follow the Arrows03/08 Sigue las flechas01/08 Siga as setas03/05 Suis les flèches01/05 Folge den Pfeilen
Honeymoon01/06 La luna de mielN/A01/06 La lune de mielN/A
Worst Date Ever03/06 La peor cita de mi vida01/06 Um péssimo encontro04/02 Le pire des rendez-vous02/02
It's Three in the Morning!07/0404/0403/06 Il est trois heures du matin !01/06 Es ist drei Uhr morgens!
The Red Jacket01/07 La chaqueta rojaN/ASee 01/07 "In the Clothing Store"N/A
Fine Art03/07 Bellas artes01/07 Belas-ArtesN/AN/A
In the Clothing StoreSee 01/07 "The Red Jacket"N/A01/07 Dans le magasin de vêtementsN/A
Ready for Takeoff!07/0704/0703/07 Prêt pour le décollage01/07 Abflugbereit
The Exam01/08 El examenN/A01/08 L'examenN/A
A Little Bit of Money01/09 Un poco de dineroN/ASee 01/09 "I Need Money"N/A
The Forgotten Letter03/09 La carta perdida01/09 A carta esquecida05/08 La lettre oubliée03/08
I Need MoneySee 01/09 "A Little Bit of Money"N/A01/09 J'ai besoin d'argent !N/A
Camping!04/0902/0903/09 Au camping !01/09 Camping!
Saturday Night01/10 SábadoN/A01/10 Samedi soirN/A
Chapter Two03/10 to 04/01 Capítulo dos01/10 to 02/01 Capítulo dois03/10 to 04/01 Deuxième chapitre01/10 to 02/01 Kapitel zwei
The Stranger02/01 La extrañaN/ASee 02/01 "Who Is It?"N/A
Who Is It?See 02/01 "The Stranger"N/A02/01 C'est qui ?N/A
The Dance Class02/02 La clase de baileN/A02/02 Le cours de danseN/A
Three Wishes04/0202/0208/05 Trois souhaits06/05
Need Help?02/03 ¿Necesita ayuda?N/ASee 02/03 "Can I Help You?"N/A
I Quit04/0302/03N/AN/A
Can I Help You?See 02/03 "Need Help?"N/A02/03 Je peux vous aider ?N/A
It's Him!09/0606/0604/03 C'est lui02/03
The Garden02/04 El jardínN/A02/04 Le jardinN/A
Help Alicia/​Elisa/​Gérald/​Georg!04/0402/0407/02 Aide Gérald !05/02
One More Wedding09/0906/0904/04 Un mariage de plus02/04
A Strange Noise02/05 Un ruido extrañoN/ASee 02/05 "I Hear a Noise"N/A
The Greatest Treasure04/0502/0508/04 Le plus grand des trésors06/04
I Hear a NoiseSee 02/05 "A Strange Noise"N/A02/05 J'entends un bruit !N/A
Car for Sale10/0807/0804/05 Voiture à vendre02/05
A Visit to Paris/Rome02/06 Una visita a ParísN/A02/06 La visite à RomeN/A
Hands Up05/0403/0404/06 Haut les mains !02/06
The New Mall02/07 El nuevo centro comercialN/A02/07 Le nouveau centre commercialN/A
A Snake!04/0702/0705/05 Un serpent !03/05
Old Things07/0904/0904/07 Au vide-grenier (Yard sale)02/07
Happy Birthday02/08 ¡Feliz cumpleaños!N/A02/08 Bon anniversaire !N/A
Turn Around04/0802/08See 04/09 "Long-Distance Relationship"See 02/09 "Long-Distance Relationship"
On TV05/0803/0804/08 À la télévision02/08
The Perfect Vacation02/09 Las vacaciones perfectasN/A02/09 Les vacances parfaitesN/A
Long-Distance RelationshipSee 04/08 "Turn Around"See 02/08 "Turn Around"04/09 Relation à distance02/09
The Tourist02/10 El turistaN/A02/10 Le touristeN/A
After Hours04/10 to 05/0102/10 to 03/0104/10 to 05/01 Après la fermeture (After the closing)02/10 to 03/01
New Author05/0203/02N/AN/A
Traffic Stop07/05-0604/05-0605/02-03 Contrôle routier (Roadside check)03/02-03
Lab Work05/0303/03N/AN/A
Love Is in the Air09/0206/0205/04 L'amour est dans l'air03/04
Birthday Surprise05/0603/06N/AN/A
The Secret Box05/0703/0705/06 La boîte secrète03/06
The Paper Bag08/0905/0905/07 Le sac en papier03/07
The Attic05/0903/09N/AN/A
Fifi Needs a Room11/0208/0205/09 Fifi a besoin d' une chambre03/09
The Life of Simón Bolívar05/10 to 06/02N/AN/AN/A
Happy Campers?06/10 to 07/0203/10 to 04/02N/AN/A
New Life Plan09/04-0506/04-0505/10 to 06/01 Nouveau projet de vie03/10 to 04/01
Morning Muffin08/0405/0406/02 Pain au chocolat du matin04/02
New Relationship06/03N/AN/AN/A
The Chase07/0304/03N/AN/A
Wild Ride11/03-0408/03-0406/03-04 Un drôle de tour04/03-04
The Tell-Tale Heart (a short story by Edgar Allan Poe)[4]06/04-09 El corazón delatorN/AN/AN/A
The First Assignment08/10 to 09/0105/10 to 06/0106/05-06 La première mission04/05-06
What's Going On?07/0804/0810/03 Que se passe-t-il ?08/03
Sugarloaf11/0708/0706/08 Le Pain de Sucre04/08
ReunionN/AN/A06/09 Réunion d'anciens élèves04/09
Sneaking Around07/10 to 08/0104/10 to 05/0108/10 to 09/01 En cachette (In secret)06/10 to 07/01
The Traitor12/10 to 13/0109/10 to 10/0106/10 to 07/01 Le traître04/10 to 05/01
Ouija Board08/0205/02N/AN/A
We Have to Say Goodbye08/0305/03N/AN/A
The FollowerN/AN/A07/03 L'étranger (The stranger)05/03
RobberyN/AN/A07/04 Cambriolage05/04
Package for Delivery08/05-0605/05-0608/08-0906/08-09
Crystals09/07-0806/07-0807/05-06 Les cristaux05/05-06
Blackbeard08/0705/0708/07 Barbe Noire06/07
The Hunter10/09 to 11/0107/09 to 08/0107/07-09 Le chasseur05/07-09
In the Library08/0805/08N/AN/A
The Envelope11/10 to 12/0208/10 to 09/0207/10 to 08/02 L'enveloppe05/10 to 06/02
The Best President09/0306/03N/AN/A
Wedding Puppets10/0407/0408/03 Carte de remerciement (Thank-you card)06/03
Decisions10/0307/0308/06 Décisions06/06
Speed Dating09/10 to 10/0206/10 to 07/0209/04-06 Soirée pour célibataires (An evening for singles)07/04-06
Skydive10/06-0707/06-0709/02-03 Le saut en parachute07/02-03
The Pyramid of Tikal10/0507/05N/AN/A
Atlantis13/03-0510/03-0509/07-09 Atlantide07/07-09
Secret Admirer11/08-0908/08-0909/10 to 10/01 L'admirateur secret07/10 to 08/01
The Mugger12/0309/0310/02 L'agresseur08/02
The Great Escape11/05-0608/05-0610/04-05 La Grande Évation08/04-05
The Duke of Bastille12/0409/0410/06 Le duc de Bastille08/06
Blue Prints12/05-0709/05-0710/10 to 11/0208/10 to 09/02
The Artist14/08 to 15/0211/08 to 12/0211/03-0709/03-07
Nature Preserve12/08-0909/08-09N/AN/A
Poachers13/08 to 14/0310/08 to 11/0311/08 to 12/0309/08 to 10/03
Car Repair13/0210/02N/AN/A
The Jump14/05-0711/05-0712/04-0610/04-06
Country Road13/06-0710/06-0714/03-0412/03-04
Grandma's Gift16/0713/0712/0710/07
Lost Cat16/0813/0812/0810/08
The Day You Left16/0913/0912/0910/09
Puss in Boots16/10 to 17/0313/10 to 14/0312/10 to 13/0310/10 to 11/03
The Interview14/0411/04N/AN/A
The Second Assignment15/03-0612/03-0613/04-0711/04-07
The Beauty Baker18/08 to 19/0215/08 to 15/1213/08 to 14/0211/08 to 12/02
Pixies in the Meadow18/03-0715/03-0714/05-0912/05-09
204215/10 to 16/0412/10 to 13/0414/10-1412/10-14
Stop Barking!16/05-0613/05-06N/AN/A
The Big Audition17/0414/04N/AN/A
Leaky Pipes17/05-0814/05-08N/AN/A
Summer Adventure17/09 to 18/0214/09 to 15/02N/AN/A
The Hernández Family Curse19/03-12N/AN/AN/A

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