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Duolingo Plus is a feature for Duolingo that you can buy using real-world currency to be used on the web and mobile app. You can also obtain it temporarily (at a rate of two weeks per share) by sharing the application with a friend through an invite link, or through a singular two-week free trial.

You can also obtain it using 25 lingots (or 3500 gems) or maintain a long enough streak for a three-day free trial.

For the equivalent plan on iOS apps, see Super Duolingo.


The feature generally allows a user to progress faster through content and learn with less barriers. Duolingo Plus offers:

  • No mandatory advertisements on any platform, although one can still get;
  • Progress quizzes that give learners the ability to see what content they are struggling in and which ones they are excelling at;
  • A free Streak Freeze per month;
  • Downloading courses and completing them offline, with Duolingo progress being updated next time you connect to the internet; and
  • The satisfaction of helping keep Duolingo free for all of its users.
  • Having unlimited number of hearts so mistakes can’t stop you.