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Developer Duolingo
Beta relelase November 30th, 2011
Release date June 19th, 2012
Platforms iOS, Android, Windows
Type Educational
Website Duolingo
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Duolingo is a gamified language-learning platform created by a company of the same name.

The application was first launched in beta as a website for a limited number of users on November 30, 2011 and was later fully launched on 19 June 2012. Its most recent release was 4 April 2022.

Learning process[]

The application is designed as a game and thus offers short lessons that must be unlocked as the learner proceeds. It also features written, dictation, and speaking exercises.

The learner progresses through a language tree learning new words by completing lessons and skills. As a reward and motivational feature skill points, lingots and achievements are awarded as learners or practice or complete lessons.

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