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Daniel is a minor character in Duolingo.


Some stories may be different in different languages.


  • Daniel has two cats and a dog.
  • Daniel plays soccer.
  • Daniel is Canadian, But his parents are Spanish (English for Spanish speakers)
  • Daniel loves Spain and says it’s beautiful.
  • Daniel's parents are abroad.
  • He lied to Sarah to spend time with Bea.
  • Daniel is a sienna skinned boy with big ears, black hair, black beady eyes & glasses. The rest of his appearance is unknown.
  • Daniel is from the USA, but his parents are from Brazil in the Portuguese to English version. In the Spanish to English version, his father is from Cuba and his mother is from Mexico.


  • On A Date, Daniel mistakes Bea's name for Sarah.
  • On A Date, Conor Bea said Daniel was his name, but Daniel told Sarah that Conor was his name.
  • Daniel is vegetarian in English to Turkish and Italian to English.
  • In the Portuguese to English version, Daniel is from the USA but his parents are from Brazil.