Duolingo users like to promote their native language or a language they really want so that Duolingo adds it. Here is a collection of creative culture lessons!

Amharic Edit

Amharic is spoken by 21.6 million native speakers in Ethiopia.[1]

Persian or Farsi Edit

Persian or Farsi is spoken mainly in Iran, and also in Afghanistan (known as Dari), in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (known as Tajik), in Iraq, in Russia and in Azerbaijan.[2]

Maltese Edit

Even if the post has an image of Maltese language in Duolingo, this is not true.

Norwegian Edit

Norwegian (Bokmål) for English entered the incubator on January 2015 and was fully released on August 2015.

West Flemish Edit

Some people would call West Flemish a dialect of Dutch,[3] but according to Davidvdb if you call Frisian a language then West Flemish is one too.


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