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The Monthly Challenge (on Android)

Challenges are monthly competitions where users attempt to complete 20 to 50 quests to earn the badge for that month. But as of june 2024 some users are getting 50 to 100 quests in that month This event started in 2021 and has ever since occured

Badges (Monthly Challenges)[]

Image Name Date Reason
DL C1 The Hammamatsu Kite Festival May 2021 450th anniversary of the festival
DL C2 9th Duoversary June 2021 9th anniversary of Duolingo
DL C3 Eddy's Big Race July 2021 Tokyo 2020 Olympics
DL C4 Oscar's Duocon Keynote August 2021 Duocon 2021
DL C5 Junior's Field Trip September 2021 Back to school
DL C6 Lily's Jack-o-lantern Challenge October 2021 The Halloween Season
DL C7 Oscar's Mustache Marathon! November 2021 No-shave November
DL C8 Falstaff's Big Sleep December 2021 Start of winter
DL C9 Zari's Sparkly New Year! January 2022 Start of 2022
DL C10 Lin and Lucy's Lunar New Year February 2022 Start of Lunar New Year
DL C11 Vikram's Garden March 2022 Start of Spring
DL C12 Zari's Cherry Blossom Picnic April 2022 Start of Cherry Blossom Festival
DL C13 Bea's Mindfulness Practice May 2022 Start of Mental Health Awareness Month
DL C14 A Decade of Duo June 2022 10th anniversary of Duolingo
DL C15 Junior and Eddy's Beach Trip July 2022 Celebrating 4th of July and Summer overall
DL C16 Lily and Zari host Duocon! August 2022 Duocon 2022
DL C17 Vikram's Reading Marathon September 2022 The First Day of School
DL C18
Lily's Halloween Costume October 2022 Halloween
DL C19 Duo's Big Game November 2022 2022 World Cup
DL C20 Oscar Goes Ice Skating! December 2022 The Start of Winter
DL C21 Celebrate The New Year With Duo! January 2023 Start of 2023
DL C22 Junior's Love Letter Feburary 2023 Valentine's Day
DL C23 Lily's Punk Rock Band March 2023 International Women's Day
DL C24 Bea's Earth Day Celebration April 2023 Earth Day
DL C25 Eddy and Junior's Fishing Trip May 2023
DL C26 Duo's Birthday June 2023 11th anniversary of Duolingo
DL C27 Falstaff's Discovery July 2023 The increasing reports of UFO sightings by government agencies.[1][2]
DL C28 Lucy's Cat Clowder August 2023 International Cat Day
DL C29 Vikram's Sunny Hike September 2023
DL C30 Duocon 2023 October 2023 Duocon 2023
DL C31 Duo’s Chess Match November 2023 Win 1 month free of Diamond on Chess.com[3]
DL C32 Eddy’s Wood Carving Craft December 2023
DL C33 Lily and Zari's New Year Celebration January 2024 Start of 2024
DL C34 Bea's Jazz Jam February 2024 Black History Month
DL C35 Junior's Croaking Chorus March 2024 World Frog Day
DL C36 Oscar's Dazzling Doodle April 2024 World Art Day
DL C37
Falstaff's Freewheeling Ride May 2024 National Ride a Bike Day
DL C38 Lucy's Aquatic Adventure June 2024 World Oceans Day
https://d1b8nqdff6d679.cloudfront.net/assets/2024_7_badge-5c80cd544ba080da0242afbd2aa9d9b5e9853ef2.svg Eddy’s Summer Sprint July 2024 Paris 2024 Olympics


  • On iOS, Monthly Challenges were moved to the bottom of the screen on 2022.3.16.
  • Before July, the monthly challenge badge was overcolored.
  • On Android and iOS, random daily goals were added into Monthly Challenge.
  • Similarly to the Friends Quest, all of the challenges revolved around obtaining 1,000 XP in under a month, but this was changed in July of 2022 when it was determined by completing a varying number of Daily Quests (generally 20-40) instead.
  • You can receive 5 points towards your monthly challenge when completing a Friends Quest.
  • In early 2023, Duolingo upped the anti and users started getting challenges where users had to complete 50 quests that month.
  • When completing the challenge from November 2023, you were able to play chess against Oscar.[4]
  • As of June 2024 users are getting up to 100 quests that they have to do per month they changed the ranking system. One quest = one point, 2 quests = 2 points, 3 quests = 3 points, and a friend quest = 10 points.
  • The system is probably based of user activity and previous performance