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Bea's new design as shown by @just_no_one_boi on Twitter

This is Bea's new design as shown by @just_no_one_boi on Twitter

"We all know and love Duo, but have you met Bea?
Let’s just say she’s the Hermione of the group. Bea *always* knows what’s up, and as a speed-talker and walker, she’s difficult to keep up with. Underneath it all, she has a big heart and loves to help others. ❣️
Duo and Bea: different species, same energy! 😉
―Bea's official character bio[1]
"Lin’s best friend, Bea, pencils down everything in her planner -- dates (check out the story, “Bea's Date”!), detailed vacation plans (down to the hour), and even alone time. Adventurous and capable, she’s always trying new things, which serves her well as a travel blogger and aspiring writer. The epitome of lawful good, she’s driven by what’s right and loves to “help,” even if you might not think you need it. Is she a control freak? No -- Bea’s just always right."
―Bea's description in a blog[2]

Bea as she appears in her official character bio.[1]

Bea is one of the Duolingo characters who appears in the app.


Some stories may be different based on your language.

  • Where is Bea's Girlfriend? / Where is your Girlfriend?
  • At the Supermarket
  • A Ticket to Canada
  • The Dirty Apartment / A Very Dirty Apartment
  • The Waiter Is Right
  • The Taxi Ride / The Taxi
  • The Promotion
  • The Elevator
  • The Manager's Office
  • The Bride
  • But I'm Driving
  • Bea's Date
  • Is Your Wifi Working?
  • Something New
  • Bea's List
  • Is it too late?
  • What Are You Wearing?
  • I Can Predict the Future


  • Bea's 2021 resolution was to get a 365-day streak. Furthermore, the admins of the Duolingo instagram seemed to think that Bea would be the most likely of all the characters to succeed in resolution.[3]
  • Bea is part of the LGBTQ+ community.[4] She dates both men and women.[5]